16 July 2012

Chapter 3: Kedidi's Task and Project Overview

  1. Working as intern at GFSB requires a lot of patience and determitation. This is because we need to complete variety of tasks given by the management. Since the company is a small and medium enterprise, we have the chance to feel all sort of tasks. Compared with a big company, we wouldn’t have such opportunities. Hence, I learnt many things while working as intern with GFSB.

  2. In this report, I already wrote four different tasks and projects. They are sales and marketing, production, general administration and quality environment. During the task completion, there are many challenged was happened. The challenges are low ressources, lack of information, lack of man power and no knowledge regarding certain fields. Nevertheless, I always get assisted by staff and friends who are working besides me.

  3. Experience shall remembered - my friends and I were robbed during our second outstation to Johor Bahru. The objective was to open a booth organized by the IKIM.fm. Our car were smashed on the window by robbers. They managed to took our laptops, phones and other important documents. Not long after that, when we are already back to Kuantan, some house-break thieves broke into our hostel. They are using a short japanese sword and injured my left hand. Eventhough we’re already lodge a police report, there are no news regarding the case.

  4.  No matter what happened, industrial training taught me how to live life and value all the knowledge so that I can practice it in the real life.

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