16 July 2012

Chapter 3: Kedidi's Sales and Marketing

1.0.1   Task description
In my first week as intern, I have been chosen by the administrative to join the sales and marketing team to the southern region.  I have gone to the south part of Perak, Kedah and also Pulau Pinang. We stayed for almost three weeks in hotel and guest house and a maximum for two days for each place. As part of sales and marketing team, I need to promote our product in front of my client and make sure that they have lay interest in it. Our client is the final user of the products such as teachers, lecturers and students. In addition, we also search for potential supplier and retailer to uplift our product in to the market.

1.0.2   Task implementation
Sales and marketing team have one sales leader and a manager – Mr. Zayni. They act as observer and planner for rest of the team. Our team is consists of four sales representative and a manager. Shown below is the actual flow of the task implementation.
Time    : 8.00 am to 6.00 pm daily (up to 10.00 pm – meeting client)
Place   : Schools, kindergarten, campuses, government offices, retailers
Travel  : By car (Isuzu D Max)
Team   : Two (2) teams
Target : RM1, 500 per day
Terms  : Cash, Local order (LO), monthly terms, cheques

Every morning before we left the hotel, Mr.Zayni will give us a short brief and the sales target for the day. He will motivate us and tell stories of the success sales person he knew and other from the book he read. He also tells us the sales analysis from the previous days. If the sales were good, he’ll congratulate us and if not, he’ll ask for a better performance. To make it tougher, he always challenges us to do better than others. That makes us eager to perform better.
In the morning, we went to all schools and government offices nearby our hotel, and far most is one hour journey. Since we were already divided into teams, Mr.Zayni will leave one team for meeting client and bring another team to another place. The flows keep flowing for the rest of the weeks. The person in-charge for the purchasing or the offices supply is the procurement officers or headmasters or chief clerk and the representative. First, we’ll introduce ourselves as sales representative, and not as a salesman. We are here not to sell things, but to show them a new solution for their dilemma. After we have been give the permission to demonstrate, both of us will start the pitching. I am usually pitched about the company background, the market condition and the feedback gathered from our users. The other partner will pitch about the benefit of the product and we start demonstrate it. At the end of the meeting, we’ll exchange cards and also give them our product quotation in case they are interested.
Exactly around 4.00 pm we started to pitch the local retailers and find potential clients that interested in our products. This is the toughest part compared to schools, offices and campuses. They normally chase us out, but most of them will stay and listen to our explanation. We gave 10 percent discount for any retailers that interested in our products. We expect cash, but we also approve cheques, local orders and month term. Shown below some of the place I went.

i.                    Dobby stores
ii.                  Furniture stores
iii.                Automotives workshops
iv.                 Normal retailers
v.                   Stationery and books retailers

We end our work at 6.00 pm, but if we have found potential clients, we will arrange a meeting at local restaurant or any place convenience to the clients. Mr. Zayni always brings me along to see the way he tackles clients and how to negotiate to satisfy their needs. The meeting start on 8.00 pm and last for almost three hours. The client or we called them marketing representative. They don’t have to pay for start up. Only with the sale kit and they can start generating incomes. This is one of the great initiatives from our Managing Director – Entrepreneur with no start up cost!

1.0.3   Task outcome

I realised that, company should choose what they want to become. In my internship company, they only manufacture stationeries product. Hence, this tells me that, they only focus to become manufacturer and not try to juggle all things in one management. It is wise to only focus on what we are doing. Based on the figure 3.1, it is clearly tell us the flow of business.

GFSB acts as manufacturer and they hire another person to act as their salesperson. The salespersons are their own sales and marketing staff. With a good manager, GFSB only need a monthly sales report from the department. As the salespersons reach the target market, they will sell the products. This is a critical phase where we called it training market phase. A satisfied customer will look for more products after buying. This is called repeat purchase.

As a manufacturer, GFSB will soon have their own channel to place their product in the market – the wholesaler and retailers. When satisfied customer looking for products, they will create demand for it. When there’s demand, wholesaler and retailers will go for GFSB. That’s the simple flow of business.

As part of the sales and marketing task, I also have been assigned along with other interns to handle and operate booths. En. Abdul Razak, the managing director has divided us into two teams – boys’ team and girls’ team. We, the boys team head up to Johor for three days for Mahabbah Carnival, organized by IKIM.fm at Bandar Dato’ Onn, Johor Bahru. The event started on 30 March till 1 April 2012. Shown below the pictures of us on the field!

1.0.1   Problem - Solution

Problem-Solution Chart
What is the problem?
Normally the guards won’t let us in as they thought we are salesperson. The procurement officers and person in-charge sometime going for courses or taking a leave.
What are the effects?
Loss in term of potential clients and no cash sales.
What are the causes?
No proper appointment and no contacts.
What are some solutions?
Make appointments and get the relevant contacts info such as names, products usage, suppliers etc.
Problem-Solution Chart
What is the problem?
Wholesalers and retailers not interested in our products.
What are the effects?
Hardly to penetrate market with existing channels – certain schools, offices, institution tenders.
What are the causes?
Definitely lack of marketing and promotion in mass media. Public awareness regarding products is still low.
What are some solutions?
Focus more on advertising on mass media such as television, radios and newspaper. Internet marketing should also capable of overcoming this problem.

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