16 July 2012

Chapter 3: Kedidi's Production

1.0.1   Task description
            Production is backbone for the company and second important department in any company. Production should be strictly under supervision. This is because capitals are injected for production, and there should be no errors could lead to loss for company. While I am working there as intern, I also participated in the production line. There are two leaders for production.
i.                    Pn. Salbiah binti Awang
She is in-charge for the production line. Her unit assemble the marker components - from nibs until the packaging. There are three workers under production unit. All of them are also involved directly in the 5S implementation.
      Most of the time, I will assist her to complete all customers order. My part is sorting the barrels, tighten the nozzle, assembling nibs into nozzle and working on updating quality environment (5S).
ii.                  En. Zolkedle bin Abu Bakar
He is in-charge of injection machine, moulds, heat transfer film machine, and pad print machine. He is the only worker in injection unit. His unit act as back up for production unit by providing semi-finished items such as nibs, front caps, barrels etc.
      I assisted him in the heat transfer machine film, pad print machine and the injection machine.

1.0.1   Task outcome

            I am able to do works without supervision and also can shift my jobs (job rotation) in one day. For example, in the morning I am doing the assembling part with the production unit, while in the afternoon, I would assist the injection unit by sorting the marker barrels for heat transfer machine.  Shown below are pictures of my workplace.

Injection machine

Injection Zone workstation


pad print macihne

nibs machine

heat film transfer machine


Piles of crushed materials

Crushed materials

Me. Stock checking

1.0.1        Problem - Solution
                                                        Problem-Solution Chart
What is the problem?
Product degrading in quality and increasing of stocks storage.
What are the effects?
Loss for the company, customers complaint
What are the causes?
Pile up of old stocks and ineffective work flows
What are some solutions?
Implement ‘first in first out’ (FIFO) system, storage system


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