16 July 2012

Chapter 1 - Kedidi's Introduction


Industrial training is one of the methods of teaching and learning that implemented in Universiti Malaysia Kelantan for each program offered at the undergraduate level. Each student is required to undergo industrial training at the appropriate organization that is determined by the faculty or the student's own choice for one semester and must pass to graduate degrees. This course aims to strengthen students' skills, while applying the knowledge gained in the classroom. Through this program, students will be given direct exposure to the real working world. Assessment for this training will be based on reports from the supervisor at the faculty, industrial supervisor, a written report on the training and presentation sessions. Besides that, in the future, they will be having good preparation and understanding for their field of profession.

Student should note that Industrial Training is an essential component in the development of the practical and professional skills required of the course and an aid to prospective employment. Many employers regard this period as a chance to get new employees for future employment. The objectives of industrial training are:

i.                    Exposure of the role and practice in an organization, industry or enterprise.
ii.                  Understand the role and ethics of all parties in an industry which consists of entrepreneurs, businessmen, traders, financial experts and individuals involved in the development and marketing of products and services.
iii.                Enhance the knowledge, communication skills and industry experience to apply after graduation.
iv.                 Understand and deepen their knowledge and technical experience as an effective tool to provide exposure-based entrepreneurship education.
v.                   Increase the intellectual skills in the analysis of problems and provide solutions to the problem manage the work and report writing.
vi.                 Enhance the character and understanding in carrying out individually and collectively in real working situations.
vii.               Increase student confidence and self image.
viii.             Offer job opportunities to students upon graduation.

All students should make considerable effort and give sufficient thought into obtaining the most relevant and effective Industrial Training. Whilst difficult, it is desirable to obtain experience in a range of activities. It should also be noted that developing an awareness of general workplace behaviour and interpersonal skills are important objectives of the industrial training experience. Shown below are the learning outcomes to be acquired by students when they finished their industrial training.

i.                    Broad understanding of all areas and management functions of an industry.
ii.                  Identify, explore and take advantage of the opportunity and courage to realize the business and opportunities in the global industry.
iii.                Managing information, ability to use ICT, scanning the business environment and apply the concepts and techniques of entrepreneurship in the industry.
iv.                 Make decisions on critical, creative and daring to explore the best solution.
v.                   Communicate effectively in a variety of business language.

1.2    Overview of Industrial Training
A limited number of manufacturers that are largely focused Bumiputra to supply under the contract the Government. However, when contracts expire and are not connected Centre since November 2004, all manufacturers have the time of trouble and had to downsize their operation, but some had to close the plant. Among the causes for the failure of Bumiputra manufacturers are as follows:

i.                    The non-market and manufacturers are not willing to go to the open market.
ii.                  The non-market networks
iii.                Competition with the leading brands and has been well established in the market.
iv.                 A sea of ​​cheap products from China.

As mentioned before, Bumiputera entrepreneurs should be involved in all stages of distribution such as primary wholesaler if we want to compete with others and succeed in this industry. Bumiputra entrepreneurs are encouraged to join and work together for common interests. DPRO who have their own products for brand 'Kedidi' and has relationships with local manufacturers and producers have access to the supplies from abroad through the international exhibition which will be developed with major wholesalers. While distributors and retailers soon have the potential to be develop as a regional wholesaler. Retailers will try to help in making the layout more interesting shops and a more systematic management with advisory services, our experienced retail over 14 years or, if necessary, external consultants.

In fact, they plan towards establishing an identity of its own that will be highlighted through uniformity in the appearance of corporate and management. Distributors / retailers who are now operating with its own identity will change towards using an identity. This situation would facilitate the promotion and advertising activities and can improve better image and sound. Success of the network is to produce a network of distributors that will be able to provide marketing channels for Bumiputra manufacturers to place their product in open market.

Accumulated with more than 14 years of experience, Global Factor Sdn. Bhd. is one of the leading writing instrument manufacturers in Malaysia. They specialize in producing markers, for high quality products and tested by SIRIM Malaysia, meet Japanese International Standard (JIS-S-6056-1989). Their concept is not only to sell products, they consistently do testing, improve, innovate their products, services based on their customer’s input and their experience through research and development. Global Factor’s manufactured product range of stationeries marketed under KEDIDI brand name. The stationery items are as follows:

i.                    Whiteboard and permanent marker
ii.                  Whiteboard and permanent refill
iii.                Whiteboard Bottle Ink Refill
iv.                 PVC 2D Ring File
v.                   Ball Pen

Their product, Refillable Marker is unique design and will meet their customer needs.  The marker is easily refilled by replacing the cartridge also they provide bottle refill ink.  Their Whiteboard Ink origin from Germany, free from Xylene, meets the International Standard ASTM D-4236 approved by European Toy Directive CE.  They are producing under Good Quality Control procedure and their company certified by ISO 9001:2008 and looking forward to achieve another Quality Environment Certification 5S early  year 2011.
Since the company started producing these items, 20% - 30% are exported to countries which include the Middle East – Dubai & Cairo Egypt. The sales of KEDIDI’s product range in the local markets are mainly end users (private offices and government department), dealers that have their own network of end users and also Hypermarket / Supermarket, ie.  Mydin, Giant and Tesco.

Wholesale field can be divided into two categories. They are main wholesalers and district wholesalers. The main wholesalers are wholesalers who purchase goods directly from the factory or have their own products or imports from abroad. Normally, these wholesalers will make packaging on their own brand. Chung Boon Enterprise (CBE) is one of clear example. They manufacture files and others stationery. This field is quite challenging and should have a large distribution network and strong, able to buy products in bulk, large capital and good management system. At present, there are few Bumiputera entrepreneurs involved in this field.

While district wholesaler is only operate in most parts of a particular district. These wholesalers get their supplies from major wholesalers and sell it to other distributors or retailers. They also supply to offices and government departments. There are lacks of Bumiputra entrepreneurs who are in this area.

Field distribution also has two groups, retailers and distributors of general stationery. Stationery retailer is a distributor of office supplies. They supply to office, and other educational institutions as well as stationery shop. The number of Bumiputera entrepreneurs in this group began to increase since receiving encouragement from the government in the retail sector. But mostly operates in a lot of shops, do not have an attractive store layout, location and management strategic less systematic. Retail sales store, is not sufficient to cover operating costs, by the entrepreneurs in this group need to actively market the products to offices. Wholesalers supply products obtained from the District.

General distributor is operating without a shop that operates even without the office. Some make these stationery supply side activities only. Distribution of this method requires a simple endeavour because no large capital. The numbers of Bumiputera entrepreneurs in this group are many, but mostly failed to grow and stopped in a certain period. 

see Chapter 2: Company Profile

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