29 July 2012

Artificial Intelligence is our future

Nowadays, we are embraced by technology,every day,week or month,new technology will appear. Today we bought a new gadget, by six month,it will become obsolete. Technology advancement is inevitable. Artificial Intelligence is one of the most rapidly growing technology. It is the science and engineering of making intelligent machines, especially intelligent computer programs. It is related to the similar task of using computers to understand human intelligence, but AI does not have to confine itself to methods that are biologically observable. By far,robots are the easiest example of Artificial Intelligence.

Below is the example of robot form Honda named ASIMO.

This is video of ASIMO

                                                       This is a robot that can mimic human face

Get ready for the future guys,they will dominate the world...hehehehe


  1. hahaha Shah, I hope this will come real soon. When I watched them in a movie, I am so excited.

    Robot that'll replace human race. Well that's nightmare.

  2. tahun depan skynet serangla.hehe

    1. ni byk tengok fiksi sains =) ... hehehe

  3. klu mesin dh bleh menjadi autonomous,atau bleh blaja sendiri..mungkin akan jadi skynet..tp wat masa skang blum smpi tahap tu..tapi dh ade robot yg bleh blaja sendiri,masih dalam fasa pembangunan.


Thank you.